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Ganga offers both Airbrush and non-Airbrush make-up services. The Airbrush option is proven most popular with her celebrity and bridal clients as it creates healthy-looking skin and lasts all day and night.

What is Airbrush Make-up?

The  foundation is gently sprayed onto the skin in super-fine layers so that it leaves a smoother finish to the skin. There are no brush strokes so it creates an immaculate base to leave behind make-up that just looks like your natural skin.

As light as it looks and feels, Ganga can still provide all the coverage you need for an even skintone.

How does it feel?

Applied very finely, most clients say they cannot feel it on their skin, which is ideal for anyone who doesn’t usually wear make-up.

If you have a wedding, and particularly a destination wedding where it will be hot, a light-feeling make-up base is going to be essential for you. The Airbrush make-up will provide you the coverage you need without it feeling too heavy on your skin.

Who is it ideal for?

It is usually preferred by those who don’t like the look and/or feel of heavy make-up.
It is best for those who want their skin to still look like skin.

I have a skin condition that most artists are unsure of how to work on. Is the Airbrush ideal for me?

YES! Eczema, Acne, Scarred skin, Psoriasis are just a few skin conditions that Ganga has worked on. As she  has suffered with a few of these conditions herself she has been able to find solutions to help create a good foundation base that won’t irritate the skin.

Does Airbrush Make-up last long?

Airbrush make-up, when applied correctly, should last all day and night and should be smudge-proof and waterproof. Here are some reviews from Ganga’s clients about Airbrushing by Ganga: click here

I have a tattoo / scar/ stretch marks, can Airbrush Make-up cover these?

As Ganga is a specialist in Airbrush Make-up, she has the ability and skill to cover, conceal and minimise the appearance of all the above.

For these types of coverage a make-up artist needs to be specially trained in how to apply the Airbrush Make-up. As not many artists in the UK are trained in this field of make-up, it is the reason why Ganga is one of the most recognised artists in the industry.