Ganga listed in the UK’s Top 50 Wedding Make-up Artists

//Ganga listed in the UK’s Top 50 Wedding Make-up Artists

Ganga listed in the UK’s Top 50 Wedding Make-up Artists

Airbrush make-up and hair by Ganga, Photography by Bhavna Barratt

So life has been pretty manic for those who follow my social media. I had so many blog posts ready for you all but then my life came to a halt in May when my Dad suddenly passed away.

My Dad and I on my wedding day. Photography by Gurvir Johal.

As I have slowly started getting back to work I’ve been going at my own pace. I no longer have my PA so doing all the admin, social media, and everything else myself has been challenging, to say the least. I’ve struggled with trying to cope and balance with my grief, my family, my husband, as well as keeping in touch with my 2020, 2021 and 2022 brides. Add in pressures to keep on top of social media.. you can imagine how stressful these last few months have been for me.

So at time when I need it a moral boost, I received some exciting news that I had been listed in the UK’s Top 50 Wedding Make-up Artists of 2020 by GoHen for the 2nd time in a row!

This is a huge achievement for me as having won and been nominated for several awards in the past, I never really felt proud of myself. I had always been sceptical of awards because for some awards you have to either pay to be a part of the nominees or require people to vote for you, which I think is unfair and biased.

So the reason why I am more than thrilled about being a part of this list is because GoHen vet out the suppliers individually. You do not pay to be a part of this list, you do not even apply. They simply look for the best Make-up Artists in each region and I made it on there… two years running!!! Have a look at what they had to say about me below:

Taken from GoHen’s website.

Each year I work harder to try and find ways to improve my service and skills, and it’s not for an award or to be part of a list, it’s simply so I can give my brides THE BEST possible service.

Airbrush makeup & hair by Ganga. Photography by Laura Dean.

My Dad did so much in his life and career and never won an award for it. He simply gave his all and his best and left a positive impact on everyone he met, and that was the only kind of award he needed. I wish to be exactly the same in my life and career.

But I’m not going to lie…. it’s definitely rewarding to be acknowledged and listed as one of the best Wedding Make-Up Artists in the country! Thank you GoHen you don’t realise how much this means to me and congratulations to all the other fantastic artists who made it onto the list, all of who are truly well deserving of the recognition!

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Keep safe, wash your hands, wear your mask and stay home wherever possible!

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