Get the no make-up, make-up with Tom Ford Beauty

//Get the no make-up, make-up with Tom Ford Beauty

Get the no make-up, make-up with Tom Ford Beauty

An editorial I worked on for London based hand crafted jewellers, Maala London, featured in Khush magazine received so much interest on my Instagram. It generated a whole new wave of followers to my page and for that I am ever so grateful!

I posted a whole product list and thought I’d show exactly what products I used in a bit more details for those who wanted to recreate the look.

I used all Tom Ford Beauty products for the make-up and Schwarzkopf on the hair. The hair, I won’t lie, takes a lot of practice and intricacy, the make-up however is a minimalistic no make-up, make-up that you can easily create at home on yourself.

I have been asked by a few followers to show how to create this look with drugstore products, which I will do soon, but if you want to use the same products I did then have a read!

If you do decide to recreate the look make sure to upload on Instagram and tag me @GangaMakeup

1. Skin prep

This look was all about minimalism and making the skin still look like skin. The model had really well hydrated skin and quite a smooth texture so I didn’t want to use too much product on the base. I wanted a slight glow to the skin but something that would also just enhance her natural colour and the Complexion Enhancing Primer was perfect for this.

To complete my model’s warm skin tone I used the Peach Glow, if you have a cooler toned skin I would advise the Pink Glow.

2. Conceal

Believe it or not I didn’t use any foundation for this look, I just applied the Tom Ford Concealing Pen to correct any discolouration and even the skin tone out.

The great thing about the Complexion Enhancing Primer is that it helps to neutralise the skin tone so it means it does some correcting for you!

3. Powder & Contour

I wanted to make the skin still look glowy and fresh but didn’t want the skin to look oily on camera, so I opted for the Translucent Finishing Powder. The great thing about this compact powder is that it sets the base (yes concealing needs setting too!) and helps minimise shine but yet is sheer enough for the glow of the primer to come through.

There are 4 different shades and I used a combo of Sahara Dusk and Sable Voile for my model. I used Sahara Dusk all over the face and then went back in with Sable Voile (colour featured below) to contour the cheeks and jawline.

4. Blush & Highlight

I used the Sheer Highlighting Duo to very lightly dust the skin with highlight. I wanted the skin looking glowy, not greasy, sometimes highlighter on shoots can have some much shimmer and light-reflecting properties in it gives a greasy look to the skin that is not flattering on camera.

I applied the Sheer Highlighting Duo with a large fluffy contour brush and just dusted it over the highest point of the cheekbones.

5. Glossy Eyes

I love a glossy eyelid but damn is it high maintenance!!

I started by lining the eyes with Tom Ford’s Eye Kohl Intense in Espresso and smudged out. For the gloss on the lids I used the Gloss Luxe lipgloss in shade no 14 – Crystalline which is sheer neutral gloss.

6. Lashes

When I shoot editorial campaigns I very rarely reach for false lashes. Instead I curl the lashes and really pump them up to the max then coat with mascara.

My favourite Tom Ford mascara is the Ultra Length Mascara, it’s great for lengthening lashes and is very long-wearing! I also used mascara on Sonam Kapoor when I did her make-up fir the Khush Mag 5th anniversary front cover.

6. Brows

I’m not a huge fan of over-filled brows and for editorials I really like to eep the brows just balanced enough that they complete the look without overpowering the rest of the make-up.

I used the Tom Ford Brow Pomade and a super fine brush to lightly fill in any gaps and then brushed through with the Fiber Brow Gel.

It’s a unique formula that creates natural-looking brows, it’s a product that is an all-day wear… I didn’t even need to touch up the brows throughout the whole shoot!

6. Lips

I used the Erogenous Lip Colour and then used the Gloss Luxe no.14 (the same I used on the eyes) to add a shine to the lips. I wanted slightly definition around the lips so I also use the Eye Kohl Intense Espresso liner as a light lip liner, which I then blended into the centre of the lip.

Remember that an eye pencil can also double as a lip pencil, it’s one of my favourite make-up hacks!

And that’s all the products! Remember if you’d have have all these exact products you can substitute with a similar product.

I look forward to your recreations of the look, remember to tag me on Instagram @GangaMakeup, and if you’d like to see more blog posts on beauty products I use on shoots and myself do let me know via email or you can DM me on Instagram.

Stay safe and stay home!

Shoot credits:

Make-up by Ganga using Tom Ford Beauty

Hair by Ganga using Schwarzkopf

Jewellery: Maala London

Photographer: Gagan

Stylist: Vikas Rattu

Creative Director: Manni Sahota

Editor-in-Chief: Sonia Ullah

Featured in Khush Magazine

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