My top 5 tips for wedding planning whilst self-isolating.

//My top 5 tips for wedding planning whilst self-isolating.

My top 5 tips for wedding planning whilst self-isolating.

There are many blog posts advising on what to do if your wedding is in the upcoming months, people like DJ Harv from Kudos Music and luxury wedding planner, Radhika & You, have given some great tips so I don’t want to repeat the same points in this post.

Right now the majority of us are confined within our four walls for the next few weeks, potentially months, so view this as a gift of time. There’s so much you can be doing to plan your wedding day whilst being at home, so use this time wisely.

Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Make your slideshow

I need more than two hands to count how many brides are sitting sorting out their reception slideshow whilst having their make-up done. By leaving it last minute, it will be a rushed job, add to last minute stress and also completely ruins the amazing experience that I try to give to my brides!

So during this lockdown get your pictures together and decide whether you’re doing a ‘His/Her Story’ including baby images, or just sorting your pre-wedding shots, this is the perfect time to get organised.

An image from mine and Rajay’s pre-wedding shoot taken at Cinque Terre in Italy.
Airbrush make-up & hair: @GangaMakeup Photographer: Alessandro Ghedina

Ganga’s Guidance: Speak to your DJ and ask them what format the photos need to be in as every DJ will use different equipment

2. Soundtrack to your wedding

For myself and Rajay, music was one of the first aspects of our wedding we sorted, and believe it or not, we had made a playlist before we even decided on our venue…true story!

Our first dance, an acoustic cover of ‘Make Tonight’ by Emanuel.
Airbrush make-up: @GangaMakeup Jewellery: Kyles Collection Photographer: Gurvir Johal

But so many clients that I meet are stuck on what songs to choose for the pivotal parts of their wedding, so have a discussion with your partner on what you’d both pick for each of these monumental moments:

  • wedding entrance (for the bride)
  • reception entrance
  • cake cutting
  • first dance
  • first song to play after the first dance
  • final song of the night
Cake cutting song: ‘Halo’ by Beyoncé
Airbrush make-up: @GangaMakeup Jewellery: Kyles Collection Photographer: Gurvir Johal
Cake: Have Some Cake

3. Ceremony leaflets

This may not be applicable for all weddings but it’s a great idea if some of your guests may not understand the ceremony, for instance friends from different ethic and religious backgrounds, or for guests who may not speak the language that your ceremony will be held in.

You can simply speak to your priest to find out the ceremony details then just make a simple leaflet and print off at home. Chances are your ceremony wont change much from now until your postponed date, so you can get another thing ticked off that to-do list!

Ganga’s Guidance: You can also use the ceremony leaflets as a way to let your guests know of the photo list groups – having it printed off for guests to see will save you so much time on the day!

4. Activity book for children

I’ve never seen this at any other wedding but my own and the idea came to me because I have over 30 nieces and nephews who are usually running about with their parents constantly trying to keep them entertained.

So in order to ensure the parents had some time to enjoy our reception party, I made some activity booklets that were set out on the tables so the kids were entertained and parents were happy – a win-win situation.

This is also a pretty easy task you can accomplish during this time at home. In the activity booklet you can include games such as a wordsearch, colouring in pages, puzzles and word games! I’ve included some pictures below of what I had included in the booklets that I made to give you some ideas.

You can include a few colouring sections and puzzles all themed around weddings.

Once completed, print off at home, hole punch and tie some ribbon through it to bind it all together!

Ganga’s Guidance: We asked the parents to also post the filled out booklets in our wedding card box. We had a great time after the wedding reading what all the children had written and drawn.

5. Get your beauty regime sorted

My last tip is of course beauty related. Now more than ever you have the time to let your skin breathe, so put down those make-up brushes and instead dive into your skincare regime.

Take the time to put on a mask once or twice a week. My personal favourites are always DIY masks using a combination of fresh aloe vera, turmeric and manuka honey. Feel free to follow me on my Instagram @GangaMakeup where I will be sharing the masks I use during the week.

Ganga’s Guidance: This is the best time to get acquainted with my Bridal Advice Series on YouTube, the videos currently are all on skincare advice. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out.

Hope you enjoyed the read! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @GangaMakeup and Facebook GangaMakeupArtist.

Keep safe, wash your hands and stay home!

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